Europe first!

Mobile Payments in Europe.

Blue Code is an anonymous, real-time withdrawal from a checkings account, on the smartphone. The goal is to establish a mobile payment system that provides European banks, businesses, and customers with a modern, highly secure way of making payments. It does not transfer any sensitive data, nor does it create any dependency on, or place you under any control of, PayPal, Apple Pay, or others.

Fast. Secure. Simple.

One code for all use cases

Blue Code represents a one-time-only, 20-digit token that triggers a payment directly from a checkings account. The token itself does not contain any customer data, and thus neither name, nor account information of the user.

Blue Code is in use among numerous retailers at over 18000 registers all over Austria, thus covering about 85 percent of Austrian food retail. Blue Code can be used, for example, at BILLA, Merkur, Spar, MPreis, Unimarkt, or Sutterlüty. BIPA, Hervis, Hartlauer, Cineplexx, Hollywood Megaplex cinemas, several parking garages and registers at gas station, selected tobacconists, newspaper stands, and vending machines all accept payments using Blue Code.

The Blue Code advantage:

  • The system is independent from mobile operating systems, network providers, or hardware
  • Omni-channel payment in retail stores, online shops, apps, at vending machines, or mobile registers
  • Stronger customer retention due to an extended portfolio
  • European servers, highest security standards, and increased control over all cash flows
  • Customer data remain exclusively with the bank
  • New revenue, for example from acquiring fees on every transaction
  • Opportunities for promotions across retailers, such as cash-rebate programs