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One payment scheme for Europe.

The European banking sector is currently facing a series of challenges that will have a significant impact on the role of traditional banks. Now is the moment to rethink systems of payments and transactions: every bank has to facilitate PSD and Access to Account.

We believe that these challenges can be transformed into attractive business models. There is, however, only a small window of opportunity for innovative banks to establish a transnational mobile payment scheme.

We’re looking forward to exchanging ideas with you so that together we can generate surplus value for your business.

New opportunities in mobile payments.

Blue Code represents a one-time-only, 20-digit token that triggers a payment directly from a checkings account. The token itself does not contain any customer data, neither name nor account information of the user. In brief: Blue Code is the perfect opportunity for banks to redefine mobile payment in Europe while complying with all privacy guidelines.

Fast. Secure. Simple. Become more competitive.

As digitalization progresses, cost efficiency has to be increased, competitors are creating pressure, and the legal situation is complex — in such an environment it becomes ever more important to offer your customers attractive and at the same time efficient services that offer new revenue opportunities.

Blue Code now gives banks an app for mobile payments that can be seamlessly integrated into their own solutions, with no confidential data ever leaving the bank.

The Blue Code advantage:

  • The system is independent from mobile operating systems, network providers, or hardware
  • Omni-channel payment in retail stores, online shops, apps, at vending machines, or mobile registers
  • Customer data remain exclusively with the bank
  • Full integration with existing banking apps
  • Certified by international banking security standards
  • European solution hosted on European servers
  • New revenue streams, e.g. issuing fees
  • Opportunities for added services, such as loyalty programs, or digital couponing