Blue Code

Hello! We're Blue Code.

How to pay in a retail store

This is how easy it is to pay using Blue Code at the register.

  1. Open the app.
  2. The app shows — one time only, and for four minutes — a barcode and a numbers code.
  3. The code gets scanned at the register.

Done. You’ve paid. Blue Code also works on the Apple Watch.

In-app and online payments

Blue Code is also e- and m-commerce capable. When paying in online shops, Blue Code generates a numbers code to be entered in the webshop.

Blue Code also works for in-app payments. Want to charge your parking credit? Pay as you swipe, just like in the video of the app.

At the vending machine

Pay for the small things, no change needed

In combination with Bluetooth, you can even use the Blue Code App to pay at vending machines. The annoying search for small change is now a thing of the past. Age checks, too, are now automatic. Simply connect to the vending machine, make your selection on your screen or the machine, and swipe to pay. This sticker marks vending machines that are Blue Code compatible.

The opportunities offered by Payment Plus

Even though you pay anonymously, you can still participate in customer rewards programs. And there are no forms to complete, loyalty cards to carry around, or stickers to collect.

Blue Code’s One-Scan Check-out makes it all even faster. Watch the video with Hervis to see how you can link your loyalty card to your Blue Code account in three seconds, and still remain anonymous when you pay.


Blue Code allows for the easy payment of parking tickets at marked machines or barriers in parking garages. Since you can use Blue Code offline, you can even pay underground or any other place where there’s reduced or no connectivity for your smartphone.

In the near future, Blue Code will allow for no-ticket entry, exit, and payment in parking garages. Our goal is to combine a more gentle and sustainable way of using natural resources with increased customer comfort.