Introducing seamless mobile payments for your business with Bluebox Pro.

Open your business to over
500 million customers

With our new Bluebox Pro, you can start accepting payments from Bluecode and Alipay customers, opening your business to over 500 million
customers worldwide.

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€ 10,-/month

The rental price of the Bluebox Pro carefree package includes software updates, 24/7 support and hardware maintenance. All prices are net prices.


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Contact us and let our trained staff inform you about how to start with the Bluebox Pro.


Digital loyalty programs

With Bluecode, your customers can pay with their smartphones and enjoy digital value-added programs such as loyalty cards, stamp cards and vouchers.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Bluecode?

    Bluecode is simple, safe, and incredibly fast. Every time you make a purchase, a new blue barcode appears. Show the Bluecode to the cashier and you are done.

    Watch a short intro video here.

  • What advantages does Bluecode offer merchants?
    • Low transaction fees
    • Fast payment at the POS
    • Guaranteed safety
    • App available for iOS and Android
    • No fixed or additional costs
    • More turnover
    • No changes to vending machines
    • Connection with customer loyalty programs
    • Included protection of minors
    • Additional acceptance of payments with Alipay

    For more information please contact our sales team:

  • Why is it secure to use Bluecode?

    Bluecode is a highly secure payment method because:

    • A new Bluecode is created for each individual payment.
    • Each Bluecode can only be used once.
    • No confidential data is transferred in the payment cycle.
    • The smartphone does not store any personal data or other information that could be used to identify the user’s account.


  • Where can I pay with Bluecode?

    Bluecode was launched in Austria in 2015 and is now available in 85% of all local grocery stores. These include brands such as Billa, BIPA, Merkur, Spar, Interspar, Eurospar, M-Preis, Sutterlütty, ADEG, Galeria Kaufhof, Globus and many more. Bluecode also goes to innovative bakeries, garages, cinemas, petrol stations, and restaurants. For a detailed list of merchants in your area, go to the merchant tab after activating your account.


Great things come in small packages

Introducing Bluebox mini




Accept mobile payment in minutes.



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