General information

  • What is Bluecode?

    Bluecode is simple, safe, and incredibly fast. Every time you make a purchase, a new blue barcode appears. Show the Bluecode to the cashier and you are done.

    Watch a short intro video here.

  • How does Bluecode work?

    Pay with your Smartphone or your Smart Watch.

    Simply connect your bank account with Bluecode and make payments at cash desks, vending machines or online.

    Just show the blue barcode to the cashier and a new, unique barcode will appear. (Watch a video of a payment process at the cash desk here).

  • How do I link Bluecode to my bank account?

    There are two ways to link your bank account to Bluecode:

    1. With partner banks and partner Sparkassen, you can activate your account immediately and directly in the app or via online banking of your bank or Sparkasse.
    2. You can register with all other banks using a SEPA direct debit procedure. The direct debit mandate is stored and the payment is processed via the VÖB-ZVD. The VÖB-ZVD is a company audited by the Financial Market Authority and one of the largest direct debit processors in the German-speaking area.

    Watch a short video about the registration via direct debit here.

    Select the plus symbol “Connect account” and follow the steps indicated.





  • Where can I pay with Bluecode?

    Bluecode was launched in Austria in 2015 and is now available in 85% of all local grocery stores. These include brands such as Billa, BIPA, Merkur, Spar, Interspar, Eurospar, M-Preis, Sutterlütty, ADEG, Galeria Kaufhof, Globus and many more. Bluecode also goes to innovative bakeries, garages, cinemas, petrol stations, and restaurants. For a detailed list of merchants in your area, go to the merchant tab after activating your account.


  • Does it cost something to use Bluecode?

    Bluecode is free for end customers.

  • Which added values does Bluecode offer?

    With Bluecode you can finally pay securely and quickly with your mobile phone. At selected retailers, you can even link your customer card or digitize the stamp card fully automatically. You will never have to show your customer card to cashiers again.

  • Why is it secure to use Bluecode?

    Bluecode is a highly secure payment method because:

    • A new Bluecode is created for each individual payment.
    • Each Bluecode can only be used once.
    • No confidential data is transferred in the payment cycle.
    • The smartphone does not store any personal data or other information that could be used to identify the user’s account.


  • How many digits does a Bluecode have?

    A bluecode has 20 digits. If the phone has a phone connection, a corresponding 8-digit short code is displayed immediately. This short code corresponds to the longer Bluecode and can be entered manually more quickly.

  • How often can I use one Bluecode?

    A Bluecode can only be used once and is only valid for 4 minutes.

  • What are the requirements to use Bluecode?

    You need an Apple ( starting with iOS 8 ) or Android ( starting with version 4.4 ) smartphone. You will also need an account with an Austrian or German bank. Furthermore, you must be at least 18 years old.

  • How do I link Bluecode to my bank account?

    Download the Bluecode app from your App Store – the app guides you through the easy and fast activation process:

    If you have an account with a partner bank (Erste Bank, Sparkasse or Hypo Tirol Bank), registration is quick and easy via the online banking system of the respective bank.

    If your account is with a bank that is not (yet) in the Bluecode network, a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate is required. The following steps are necessary:

    1. First, you create a Bluecode account on the app with your e-mail address and a password of your choice.
    2. We will send you an e-mail with an additional link. If you click on this link you connect your Bluecode App with your Bluecode Account.
    3. You can then create a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate in just a few steps in the Bluecode Online Portal.
    4. After usually two working days you will receive a 1 cent transfer to your bank account. In the comment line of the booking, you will see the SEPA activation code, which you can enter in the app.

    The Blue Code App is now active and you can pay with Bluecode!

  • What should I do if I get the error message “Network problems”?

    In general, the Bluecode app does not require a data connection, as a certain number of Bluecodes are always available in the app. It may happen that there are no more Bluecodes in the app because they have been used and the user didn’t have an internet connection for a long time. However, the Bluecode app gets new Bluecodes as soon as the data connection is established again. In this case, check if your phone has a data connection.

    Sometimes Wifi network firewalls prevent the Bluecode App from communicating with the servers. Please check if you can avoid the notice “network problems” by switching off the WLAN connection on your smartphone.

    If the message persists, please contact the Bluecode Customer Center.

  • How do I pay with Bluecode at vending machines?

    Step 1: Activate Bluetooth on your phone.
    Bluecode automatically connects to the vending machine. Make sure you are not more than 2 meters away from it.

    Step 2: Select the desired product.
    Either via the displayed product selection on your mobile phone display or directly via the product buttons on the vending machine.

    Step 3: Confirm the payment.
    The purchase price of the selected product will be shown on your mobile phone display. To confirm the purchase, swipe your finger once from left to right over the amount displayed.

  • What should I do if I paid at a vending machine but did not receive a product?

    In this case, please contact the hotline indicated on the machine or the Bluecode support team at support@bluecode.com immediately.


  • How do I recognize a Bluecode-enabled vending machine?

    Every Bluecode-capable machine is marked with an eye-catching Bluecode sticker.


  • How secure is Bluecode?

    Bluecode is extremely safe. Not only because all communication with the data center is done with security certificates and encryption. But especially because personal data about customers or bank accounts never enters the system. Where there is nothing, nothing can be stolen.

  • Are there payment limits when paying with Bluecode?

    You will see your Euro limit per payment transaction after you have linked one of your bank accounts to Bluecode. It depends on whether you have your account with a Bluecode Partner Bank or register for Bluecode via direct debit.

    In any case, the following limits apply:

    • You can pay up to 10 times per day.
    • You can pay up to 4 times per hour.

    In addition, each Bluecode is only valid once for a period of four minutes.

  • Are there time limits when paying with Bluecode?
    • Each barcode is only valid for one payment and will be deactivated and deleted afterwards.
    • For security reasons, the app closes automatically after 4 minutes. If the barcode has not been used by then, it will become invalid and deleted.

    If you would like to make a payment, simply enter your PIN again – a new, valid barcode will immediately appear on the screen.

  • How can I freeze my Bluecode app?

    You have the following options:

    • If you have access to your smartphone: Open the app – Open the options – gear upper right – Press: “App zurücksetzen” and confirm.  
    • By telephone via our blocking hotline: In Austria call 0800 400 110 – in Germany call 08000 400 110 (daily, 0-24 o’clock).
    • If you are a customer of Hypo Tirol Bank, you can block the app via online banking.
    • If your account is with another Austrian bank, you can block the app via your Bluecode account, which you can open with your login data.
  • How do I set and change my PIN?

    Select an individual 4 or 6 digit PIN and whether you wish to use TouchID (if your phone supports this) or not.

    By entering the PIN, you confirm that payments can be made by Bluecode. You also accept the General Terms and Conditions and the current network of acceptance points.

    If you think that someone other than you can guess your PIN, we recommend changing it immediately. Go to the settings and select “Change PIN” and follow the instructions.

A European vision

  • What is Bluecode’s vision?

    Bluecode is the first pan-European mobile payment solution for banks, acquirers, banking software providers, payment platforms and retailers. It enables cashless payments via Android smartphone, iPhone and Apple Watch combined with value-added services at cash registers, vending machines, with apps of banks and retailers as well as with loyalty card apps.

    Our mission is to make mobile payment to a unique experience. Rewarding. Easy. Secure.

  • What advantages does Bluecode offer users?

    – Notifications: Get informed about shopping benefits through push notifications

    – Stamp Pass: Collect stamps and secure your exclusive vouchers

    – Loyalty cards: Add loyalty cards from selected merchants

    – Sweepstakes: Take part in sweepstakes with just a few clicks

    – Vouchers: Never miss a deal with Bluecode vouchers again

  • What advantages does Bluecode offer banks?
    • Retaining the customer journey of their own banking app
    • Earn on every transaction (fair share model)
    • No fixed or additional costs
    • Increased performance promise to app users
    • Highly secure payment technology
    • Better use of the banking app
    • Integration available for iOS and Android
    • The satisfaction of customer claims
    • Know-how and service through Bluecode
    • Fast and convenient integration

    Watch a short video about how banks can benefit from our payment solution here.

    For more information please contact our sales team: sales@bluecode.com.

  • What advantages does Bluecode offer merchants?
    • Low transaction fees
    • Fast payment at the POS
    • Guaranteed safety
    • App available for iOS and Android
    • No fixed or additional costs
    • More turnover
    • No changes to vending machines
    • Connection with customer loyalty programs
    • Included protection of minors
    • Additional acceptance of payments with Alipay

    For more information please contact our sales team: sales@bluecode.com



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