Introducing Bluecode rewards.

Because it’s time to say goodbye to your physical rewards cards. Just relax and let Bluecode do the magic for you.

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Loyalty cards

Simply get your loyalty cards out of your physical wallet and enter the card numbers in your Bluecode app. Your loyalty cards live from now on in your smartphone. There is no need to carry them with you. You will love it.


Stamp cards

Bluecode doesn’t safe any personal information about you, but remembers the stamps that reward you for your loyalty. Redeem your stamps at every merchant that offers a stamp program. Pay with your smartphone and collect stamps at the same time.



With Bluecode you can take part in lotteries and win prizes from your favorite shops, bars, restaurants and Bluecode itself. Keep your eyes open for the next big lottery!


Frequently asked questions

  • What is Bluecode?

    Bluecode is simple, safe, and incredibly fast. Every time you make a purchase, a new blue barcode appears. Show the Bluecode to the cashier and you are done.

    Watch a short intro video here.

  • How does Bluecode work?

    Pay with your Smartphone or your Smart Watch.

    Simply connect your bank account with Bluecode and make payments at cash desks, vending machines or online.

    Just show the blue barcode to the cashier and a new, unique barcode will appear. (Watch a video of a payment process at the cash desk here).

  • How do I link Bluecode to my bank account?

    There are two ways to link your bank account to Bluecode:

    1. With partner banks and partner Sparkassen, you can activate your account immediately and directly in the app or via online banking of your bank or Sparkasse.
    2. You can register with all other banks using a SEPA direct debit procedure. The direct debit mandate is stored and the payment is processed via the VÖB-ZVD. The VÖB-ZVD is a company audited by the Financial Market Authority and one of the largest direct debit processors in the German-speaking area.

    Watch a short video about the registration via direct debit here.

    Select the plus symbol “Connect account” and follow the steps indicated.





  • Where can I pay with Bluecode?

    Bluecode was launched in Austria in 2015 and is now available in 85% of all local grocery stores. These include brands such as Billa, BIPA, Merkur, Spar, Interspar, Eurospar, M-Preis, Sutterlütty, ADEG, Galeria Kaufhof, Globus and many more. Bluecode also goes to innovative bakeries, garages, cinemas, petrol stations, and restaurants. For a detailed list of merchants in your area, go to the merchant tab after activating your account.


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