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Value-added mobile payment. 
From and for Europe. 

At Bluecode, we are building the European mobile payment solution. A solution from and for Europe that enables mobile payment in combination with value-added services. We are already widely used in retail in Austria and Germany and integrated as a payment solution in a variety of apps such as the Bluecode App, the App or the Müller App and in various soccer clubs and canteens. What drives us every day is the feeling of changing and shaping the world of payments to make everyone’s life easier. 

At Bluecode, we have more than 70 people working with us in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and worldwide. Our offices in Austria are located right in the center of Vienna and Innsbruck. We are looking for employees who not only work for us, but are passionate about working with us towards our ambitious goals. 






Offices (Vienna, Innsbruck, Lachen, Lagos)

How we work 

Office locations 


Our modern HQ is centrally located in the 1st district in Vienna.


Our office in Innsbruck is located in the heart of the Tyrolean capital. 


Our Swiss office is located in the municipality of Lachen


The office of our Emerging Markets Division is located in the city of Lagos. 

Our teams


From BI & Analytics and Project Management, to IT Service Management and Customer Service: Our Operations team, which is divided into several sub-teams, makes sure that all processes, projects and integrations run smoothly.   


What would a company be without a finance team? Our team, which is mainly based in Innsbruck, makes sure that all cash flows end up in the right place at the right time. But they don’t just take care of internal finance, they also make sure that the system’s money flows correctly from consumers to merchants. 

Human Resources

Or as Natalie (Head of Human Resources) likes to say: People & Culture. The team ensures that everything from the initial contact phase with potential employees to training and development is structured and streamlined. The central focus of the team is the “Employee Experience”. 


A product without sales is like the sea without sand. Our sales team ensures with all its charm that retailers, soccer clubs, canteens, etc. learn about us and integrate our mobile payment option into their system.   


The technological heart of our system. Divided into different squads together with the product team in backend, frontend, native design or value-added service team. The team works completely remote and organizes itself in daily stand-up meetings. The weekly Engineering Club or Reading Club is used for technical exchange. 

Product & UX

To ensure that we are constantly evolving, the Product Team works on new features and products to help Bluecode grow its product line. The team works closely with the engineering team to implement the fastest possible developments and changes. 

Marketing & Growth

Without our Marketing & Growth team, Bluecode’s message would not be spread as widely. From social media to direct partner communication – all online and offline channels are successively targeted and optimized. In doing so, we make sure that our brand is not only spread nationally and internationally, but also appears in a consistent tone of voice.   

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Become part of the Bluecode team 

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