The Bluebox Mini

Small box, big opportunities.

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Bluebox Mini von Bluecode - Mit Handy Zahlen an der Kasse

Start immediately
with the Bluebox Mini

The Bluebox Mini is the optimal hardware addition to the Bluecode POS integration and enables your customers to pay even faster and more hygienically. As little sister of the Bluebox Pro, the Bluebox Mini only needs to be connected to your cash register (required is a Bluecode cash register integration) via USB or RS-232.

Bluebox Mini

Additional advantages with the Bluebox Mini

Schnelle und günstige Integration

Ready to start immediately and quickly set up

Einfache Bedienung

Simple handling

Kompatibel mit Ihrem Terminal

Compatible with your cash register

Zusätzliche Akzeptanz von Alipay Zahlungen

Additional acceptance of Alipay payments

Digitalisierung von Mehrwertprogrammen

Possibility to offer digital customer loyalty programs

Optimiert für Displayerkennung

Optimized for display recognition

Alternatives to the Bluebox Mini

In addition to the Bluebox Mini, we also offer the Bluebox Pro and the Bluescan App for processing Bluecode and Alipay payments:

Bluebox mini

We offer the Bluebox Mini as a purchase model. The purchase price includes hardware maintenance as well as software updates and support.