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Use digitalization as an opportunity for your company. With Bluecode you can link payment with your customer loyalty tools (stamp cards, vouchers, lotteries, loyalty cards).

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Bluecode, fastest way to pay.

By accepting Bluecode payments, you shorten queues at your cash registers and avoid change and cash disposal. It can also be used to pay at vending machines, in online shops and at self-service checkouts.

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So bezahlst du mit Bluecode im Geschäft

Digital value-added services.

Customer loyalty programmes of the future take place on your customers’ smartphone. It will therefore be a decisive competitive advantage to interact with your customers on the phone and to offer existing customer programs such as loyalty cards, stamp cards and vouchers digitally. These are automatically recognised when payments are made with Bluecode.

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Bluecode App Stempelpass

The Bluecode integration into your App.

By integrating the Bluecode SDK into your app you enable your users to pay with their mobile phone. You can create additional added value by offering individual customer loyalty programs with Bluecode.

Bluecode App

Bluecode in your webshop

Create an ecosystem where you’ll enable your consumers to pay in-store as well as online with Bluecode. Reduce your drop rate at the checkout with a frictionless experience and secure payment method which is cheaper than standard credit card payments.

Bluecode in Ihrem Webshop

Faster payment process in your shop.

Bluecode payments can be accepted individually and according to your needs. Besides the direct integration into your POS system, we also offer solutions independent of the POS software.

Rewe Group

REWE International AG

REWE is constantly investing in new technologies. Bluecode in particular has convinced us as an optical and thus completely contactless payment method. Another important point is the speed with which Bluecode works at the checkout. We want to use it to further reduce waiting times for our customers.

Christine Ostermayer

Christina Ostermayer

CEO Bakery Felzl

What I find particularly exciting about Bluecode is that it goes so incredibly fast, which is essential for us. In most bakeries you can only pay with cash – here we can now accept payments much faster.

Matthias Winkler

Matthias Winkler

CEO Sacher Hotels, Cafés & Restaurants

Bluecode is for us the possibility to connect with new guests, also from Asia. My first thought during the first Bluecode transaction was just cool: Now I have arrived in the future of payment.

Michael Rietz

Michael Rietz

GLOBUS - Leiter Treasury

We at Globus rely on Bluecode, because Bluecode as a payment method can be optimally integrated into our own app and we can therefore offer the customer an optimal “customer experience” – and all this of course 100% contactless.

Clemens Rieder

Clemens Rieder

CEO Juice Factory

The fact that we have our own payment provider in Europe is very important in terms of data protection. Bluecode makes our business processes significantly faster, because payments simply go through faster and we can concentrate on preparing the juices. For me, this was also the reason why we decided to equip all our branches with Bluecode.

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