The mobile payment for your point of sale

Pay contactless via smartphone – Bluecode makes it possible.

It’s that simple: Order QR code stickers your point of sale (unattended or attended) and your customers can then pay quickly and easily with the Bluecode App, without using cash.

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Your advantages

Ready to start immediately and quickly set up

No electricity and technical infrastructure necessary

Cashless collection – even at unattended points of sale

Less cash means less risk of theft.

The QR code stickers are weatherproof.

Total amount will be transferred directly and securely to your bank account.

Bluecode QR code stickers

Your customers don’t have the right change with them? No problem! The QR code stickers are suitable for freely selectable amounts, regardless of where you place them. You will receive three identical QR code stickers with your order.

QR Code Sticker

Freely selectable amount

With the QR code sticker, your customers can flexibly enter the purchase value in the app. With the freely selectable amount, you can thus collect different total amounts by having your customers enter the exact amount in the Bluecode app.

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How it works

Contact our sales at and order your Bluecode QR code stickers.


You have signed a Bluecode acceptance contract with an acquirer.


Place the stickers upon receipt on a clearly visible surface at your point of sale.


Your customers open the Bluecode app on their smartphone and scan the QR code.


Afterwards your customers enter the total amount and confirm the payment.


You will receive an email with the daily total for each transaction. The turnover is credited to your bank account.


Attractive conditions

  • No setup fees
  • No running costs
  • Free QR code stickers
  • Low transaction costs


Register now and cash in quickly and easily with Bluecode – cheaply and without any payment terminal.

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