Pay conveniently and securely with Bluecode using QR codes.

With your mobile phone, contactless and hygienic payment is easy and fast. Whether it’s at a sports club, church, or farm shop in your region, you can pay flexibly for any amount, from a farmer’s bread to a bouquet of flowers from a flower field.

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How it works

Open the Bluecode app / camera


Scan the QR code


Confirm the payment


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Easy, fast, and secure payment


Hygienic and contactless


Detailed transaction history accessible


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Available in stores, restaurants and online shops


Available at over 20.000 acceptance points

Paying at the farm shop with Bluecode

You’re at the farm shop and want to buy fresh fruits and vegetables. You realize that you don’t have the right change with you. What now? No problem. With Bluecode, you can easily and cashlessly pay with your mobile phone.

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Not only is Bluecode the easiest way to pay with your smartphone in brick-and-mortar stores, it also makes purchases in online shops fast, convenient and secure. Bluecode works with any Austrian and German bank account and is completely free of charge. Simply download the app, connect your bank account, and you’re ready to pay at more than 20,000 points of acceptance.

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The security of your data is our highest priority.

Bluecode uses technology that protects your banking data when you make online payments. Our technology is based on tokens, a unique one-time use combination of digits that is created individually for each transaction. This way, you don’t have to share your bank details when making payments online.

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Discover how fast and convenient it is to pay with Bluecode and save with every transaction. Bluecode users are regularly offered attractive loyalty programs, promotions and competitions with great prizes!

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