Bluecode for end customers

The way I prefer to pay.

Pay and collect
with just one scan

You are standing at the supermarket checkout, place your products on the conveyor belt, pull out your smartphone, and just one beep later you have not only paid for your purchase. You have automatically profited from all the benefits of your loyalty scheme app, from collecting points, vouchers, prize draws.

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Bluecode turns your favourite app
into a mobile payment app

You can easily and securely pay with Bluecode via smartphone, in thousands of shops, restaurants and markets. Even small retailers, who otherwise only accept cash. The unique Bluecode technology makes another use possible: Bluecode can be integrated into other apps. And converts your supermarket, football or ice hockey club’s app into a fully-fledged mobile payment app.

The safest way for sure

The unique Bluecode technology sets new security standards: It can only be used by you personally in connection with your smartphone, additionally protected by face ID, fingerprint or security pin. The application of the zero-knowledge principle guarantees anonymity – Bluecode does not receive any of your confidential data during the payment transaction – the use of European data processing centres, as well as the optical transmission via barcode or QR code, are further security factors.

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Europe and interoperability

Bluecode is European. Why is that so important to us? Because the flow of money within a society is a little like the circulation of blood through a body: It must constantly be stable, smooth and must function independently. Whatever happens, whatever external influences there may be. Of course, we ensure that you can very simply pay with your Bluecode-enabled app in Europe and, in future, worldwide. Which is why we cooperate with leading international payment networks – and remain true to European values and security standards at all times.

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