Mobile payment.

Bluecode is the mobile payment solution that combines contactless payment via smartphone with digital value-added services and enables payment from merchant and banking apps.

Fast, secure and hygienic payments via your smartphone.

Bluecode is the easiest way to pay by smartphone and at the same time enjoy exclusive benefits. The staff at the checkout simply scans the barcode on your smartphone and you are ready to pay. The best thing about it: Vouchers, stamps and loyalty cards are automatically recognised.

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Experience value-added services digitally.

With Bluecode you can easily experience the bonus programmes from your favourite shops digitally. Easily collect discounts, vouchers and stamps to save money when you pay with Bluecode. Store your customer loyalty card in the app and never forget it again.

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Accepted by thousands of shops.

As a leading provider of mobile payments combined with value added services, Bluecode is already appreciated by thousands of shops in Austria and Germany. As a result, app users can already pay at the largest local grocery stores (these include Billa, Billa Plus, Bipa and the Spar Austria Group as well as Globus and Konsum).

> 20.000 Geschäfte

Over 20,000 locations

85 % aller AT-Geschäfte sind Akzptanzstellen

Available in 85% of all grocery stores in Austria

Geplante Akzeptanzstellen in ganz Europa

Planned acceptance network throughout Europe

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