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Loyalty cards

With Bluecode, you can easily store loyalty cards from selected merchants in your app. All you have to do is enter the card number, which is usually found on the back of the card. Your loyalty card will then be automatically recognised at the checkout the next time you pay with Bluecode.

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Stamp cards

With the integrated, digital stamp cards, shopping becomes fun again. Some Bluecode acceptance locations already offer their customers stamps programs that are displayed in the app. If your stamped card is full, you will receive a voucher which will be automatically redeemed the next time you pay with Bluecode.

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Never forget vouchers again or search for them in your wallet. With the Bluecode app, vouchers are digitally stored and automatically deducted from the amount to be paid at the acceptance location. Simply get the app, connect your bank account and redeem your vouchers.

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To take part in lotteries you only have to do one thing: Pay with Bluecode at the place that hosts the lottery. For each payment you will receive a lottery ticket which, with a bit of luck, will be drawn at the time of the lottery draw. The more often mobile payments are made during the competition period and the more tickets are collected, the higher the chance of winning.

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Recommend Bluecode to your friends!

Show your friends Bluecode and receive a voucher worth 3 Euro for every friend you refer who has paid once with Bluecode. This voucher will automatically be used when you make your next payment.

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