Bluecode now available at Kaufland: Kaufland Pay Launches Germany-Wide in Cooperation with Bluecode

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Vienna/Lachen (Switzerland)

Starting on September 18, the innovative, secure, and smart mobile payment solution Bluecode is available as Kaufland Pay in more than 770 stores of German retailer Kaufland. Shoppers can use the Kaufland App to pay at the checkout, using only a QR code, while simultaneously enjoying the benefits of the digital Kaufland Card. Kaufland leverages the strengths of the Bluecode payment system, which is directly linked to the user’s bank account.

“We are excited about our partnership with Kaufland,” says Bluecode CEO Christian Pirkner and adds, “The new way of paying directly with one’s bank account is an important and secure solution for retailers. Kaufland integrates the cashless and cardless payment method Bluecode into its own Kaufland App, providing its customers with an even more convenient shopping experience. Kaufland Pay users also enjoy the benefits provided by the Kaufland App with just one scan – without having to use cash, or debit or credit cards.

Mobile Payment: Quick Payment without Cash and Cards

Kaufland Pay offers shoppers a way to pay for purchases quickly and conveniently through their mobile devices while utilizing the advantages of the Kaufland Card. To do this, the Kaufland App must first be opened on the device. A QR code is then generated and scanned at the checkout. The shopper’s affiliation with the Kaufland Card bonus programme is automatically recognized when using Kaufland Pay. The customer can choose freely at what point in the checkout process the QR code is scanned. It can be scanned before items are moved across the checkout counter by the cashier, allowing customers to put away their mobile and leaving their hands free to pack items into their shopping bags.

Secure Payment Meets Customer Loyalty – “Made in Europe”

“The benefits of Bluecode are evident. Users can quickly and securely make payments that come directly from their bank accounts. Retailers enjoy payment guarantees – even if a shopper’s device is not connected to the internet at the time of payment,” explains Christian Pirkner from Bluecode. This makes shopping without any cash or cards possible. Retail companies like Kaufland benefit from transparent and competitive transaction costs and an optimized checkout process, while banks benefit from the direct connection between commerce and the banking industry through Bluecode. Banks have the opportunity to join the Bluecode network both as issuing and acquiring bank and build a scalable revenue stream.

Picture (attached): Kaufland Pay is available throughout Germany in cooperation with Bluecode © Kaufland

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About Bluecode

Bluecode is a European mobile payment provider dedicated to creating better payment experiences in everyday life. Based on the blue barcode, the payment solution works with any bank account and allows customers to use digital value-added programs and pay quickly, easily, and securely within the Bluecode acceptance network. Merchants also benefit from this solution, as it links loyalty with payment and processes them with just one scan. Bluecode payments can be made from either the Bluecode app or directly from any cooperating third-party apps. Leading Austrian and German retail partners (including Kaufland, Müller, Rossmann, Globus Group, Burger King, REWE International subsidiaries Billa, Billa Plus, and Bipa, and the Spar Austria Group), sports clubs (including TSG Hoffenheim, SAP Arena Adler Mannheim, 1. FC Köln, FC Augsburg), and partner banks (issuers and acquirers alike) are part of the Bluecode network. Bluecode collaborates with international networks and organizations such as the European Mobile Payment Systems Association (EMPSA) and Alipay to establish payment interoperability in Europe and globally. Bluecode also provides the interoperability technology developed for this purpose to other local payment providers.